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  • Irritation

    Sep. 10, 2014

    Check out another slice of A Santini in Love.

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    • Southern Seduction

      Sep. 6, 2014

      Check out the first night for Chris and Cynthia!

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        Sep. 3, 2014

        Come see how you can get a fantastic bundle and help PETS FOR VETS!

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        What's New With Mel

        Secret’s coming very soon…

        Sep. 18, 2014

        Prelude to a Secret…but you can read the Prelude right now! Buy it exclusively from Amazon for just 99¢. When you’re finished, read an excerpt from A Little Harmless Secret and pre-order your copy of Devon and Alicia’s red hot romance!

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          More Cursed Clan!

          Aug. 26, 2014

          Logan, the third book in the Cursed Clan series, is now available for Kindle, Nook, and AllRomance. Not available on your device of choice yet? Read an excerpt and get ready for more links to come.

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            A little more Max & Anna

            Aug. 19, 2014

            Max and AnnaMel’s release of ten individual Harmless Shorts, peeks at the Harmless love stories’ lives after their happily ever afters, have officially begun with Max & Annafollowing up on A Little Harmless Sex. If you’ve read this short before, this is still good news for you: it’s been revised and expanded to almost three times it’s original length! Get it exclusively at Amazon.

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              Two Reader Favorites Are Back!

              Jul. 23, 2014

              LittleHarmlessSex72Two of Melissa’s most popular books are now back in print! Check out the new covers and the new lower prices for Grace Under Pressure and A Little Harmless Sex! Grace is out now and A Little Harmless Sex releases next week!

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                Mel is celebrating!

                Jul. 22, 2014

                Melissa has been published for ten years this month and she is celebrating with lots of her friends. Come on over to the blog and hop along for prizes and fun!

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